Meet Our Staff & Advisory Council


Sandra S. Krett, Executive Director

Vicki K. Sheraton, Director 

Dorothy J. Lovett, Site Manager 

Beverly J. McCool, Program Coordinator

Betsey Moore, Craft Instructor

Robert Schneider, Head Chef

2019-2021 Advisory Council Members

Tanya Bayard

Linda Brown

Pat Burk

Judy Egner

Beverly Ellis

Dot Evans

Orval Foraker

Jeannette Henretty

Dutchie Jensen

Frank Kersey

Jim McFarland

Advisory Council Meetings

The Advisory Council meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:00 am in the Community Room.

If you have concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact a staff member or a council member.

If you prefer, the suggestion box is always available for anonymous comments, etc.