The Weston Senior Center welcomes all persons 50 years of age and over. All members and guests participating in activities and programs offered by the center must be able to take care of their personal care needs and make independent decisions.  There are no annual membership fees or dues required to be a member of our center.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the senior center, download the application below or stop in to fill one out.

Make sure to read our Rules & Regulations below before joining.


Rules & Regulations

Center Rules

  • The center is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm unless otherwise announced.
    • However, not all programs may be available. The center is closed on all of the usual holidays as published in the monthly newsletter.
  • EVERYONE must check-in with the receptionist each time they visit the center, whether or not they are eating lunch.
  • All members must be able to take care of themselves including their personal care needs and make independent decisions as they participate in activities and programs at the center.
  • A monthly newsletter is published for your convenience.
    • Copies are generally available on the last Monday of each month (next month’s edition) and you must sign to receive your copy each month.
  • A membership form containing pertinent medical and emergency information must be completed for all new members.
    • Each member is expected to update their membership information as changes occur.
  • Transportation to and from the center is provided by Dart (Paratransit) for those who qualify.
    • The center will pay half the cost of the fare to and from the center via Paratransit.
  • The center is a smoke-free facility. Therefore, NO SMOKING is permitted in the center.
  • Soliciting or selling items other than those for sale by the center is strictly prohibited.
  • The center is open for members age 50 and older. 
    • No grandchildren or persons under 50 are permitted during the day unless a specific activity is offered.
  • Photographs taken during center activities may be used in Weston media.

Dining Rules

  • Lunch must be ordered by 11:00 am
    • A donation for lunch is requested.
    • Donation amounts are listed in the kitchen or available from the receptionist.
      • If you have a financial problem, see Sandy or Vicki. All discussions will be held in strict confidence.
  • Lunch may be secured only if food is available.
  • Please be considerate of others who will get lunch after you. 
    • Only take what you think you can eat.
    • When a choice of desserts is offered, please only take one.
  • “Take Home” meals are available at a cost determined by the kitchen staff but only if there is sufficient food available to accommodate everyone at the center.
    • If you desire a “take home” meal, please order and pay in the kitchen prior to 10:30 am.
  • NO food (except fresh fruit) may be taken from the center dining room that has not been appropriately packaged by the kitchen staff.
  • No food may be eaten in any room other than the Dining Room.
    • Wrapped candy is the only exception. Please be sure to put all candy wrappers in the proper trash receptacle. 
  • NO reservations for lunch will be taken by telephone.
  • Each set of tables is numbered. These numbers are used to determine the order in which you eat lunch.
    • The first table called each day is responsible for doing the dishes and cleaning up the dining area. Everyone sitting at the table called is expected to assist in some way.
    • It is imperative that everyone eating lunch be in the Dining Room by 11:55 am.
    • “Table hopping” to avoid being at the first table called is strictly prohibited. 
    • If a medical problem exists and you are unable to help with dishes, please see Sandy or Vicki.
  • If you have an appointment (doctor, dentist, etc.) you may get your lunch after the first table is called, but only if the time of your appointment      necessitates you leaving the center before lunch is over.
    • APPROVAL must be secured from the front desk when you check in and reserve your lunch.
  • No table or seat is reserved for any person.
    • When you arrive at the center each day, you may reserve a seat for that day ONLY! Once a seat is reserved, no one can change that reservation.
    • All seats throughout the center are available on a first come basis.
  • Some programs are held in the Dining Room. As a courtesy to our visitors, please refrain from playing cards, games, etc.

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us during business hours with any questions you may have regarding the center membership, rules and regulations, or trip and activity policies. 

Senior citizens on a boat ride.

Trip & Activity Policies

  • Trip sign-ups will be taken upon the advertisement of said trip.
    • The trip advertisements may be via the monthly newsletter, a sign in the lobby, an announcement at lunch, or on our website trip page.
  • Trip sign-ups will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.
    • You may sign up for yourself and/or your spouse or partner only.
    • No reservations will be accepted by telephone.
  • You must pay in full for all day and one-night trips when you sign up.
    • For multi-day trips, a deposit must be paid when you sign up.
  • NO smoking will be permitted on any bus on any trip.
  • Trips originate and are loaded at a designated site.
    • The bus will not pick up or discharge anyone at any other place.
  • The cost of all trips is figured at group rates. A minimum number of      participants is required to keep the cost down.
    • When the minimum number of participants is not reached, the trip may be cancelled.
  • Once a trip is paid for in full, refunds will be made only if a replacement is found.
    • While we realize there are emergencies such as illness, etc., we are sorry we cannot make exceptions, but our trips must be self-supporting and the cost is based upon full participation.
    • If it becomes necessary for someone to cancel, the waiting list must be used prior to the selling of said seat.
  • On all trips, participants must be able to participate in all aspects of the trip, make independent decisions and take care of their own personal needs.
    • Medical approval may be required for participation in a trip. On trips where walking is evident, no one may sign up who may be physically unable to keep up with the group.
    • The staff reserves the right to deny participation in a trip.
  • On extended trips, an Emergency Information form for all participants must be completed in full and be on file at the center prior to the departure.
  • Trips are worked on a time schedule and participants are urged to adhere to the time schedule.
  • A collection for the bus driver may be taken by the escort (or his/her      designee). 
    • Participants are free to donate or not to donate. Those desiring to donate shall be free to donate whatever amount they desire.
  • Participants should take along their sense of humor, their feeling of fair play, their curiosity and their willingness to help make each trip fun for all!

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